1989 5speed Supercharged Mercury Cougar XR7


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Up for sale is my 1989 5-speed Mercury Cougar XR-7

The car has 159k on body and i was told around 70k on the motor i had swapped in almost a year ago along with new motor mounts.
It has cat-less down pipes, an under drive pulley, new resonator and mufflers. It needs a power steering pump, pads, e-brake cable fix and eventually some front suspension work.
It has a computer chip from supercoupes unlimited that controls when the fan comes on so it never overheats

I have a few goodies that will go with the car: Spare supercharger and heads from the previous motor, hard to find crankshaft sensor, new plug wires, harmonic balancer,
dis module and I also have a full size 16" 7spoke rim with tire and spare in trunk.

Its my daily driver, has a dependable engine and shifts good. $3k with rims, $2500 without

I'm located in Lanham, Maryland. I can deliver depending on the distance something can be worked out.
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