1989 Red XR7 SC 5-Speed Excellent Condition


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Make: Mercury
Model: Cougar XR7
Color Interior/Exterior: Grey/Red
Year: 1989
Transmission: Manual 5-Speed
Miles: 72804 original

Your location: Aurora Colorado
Price: $8500

I have owned the 1989 XR7 5-speed for 16 years. It is time that I sell the car. The car has been garage stored since I bought it and I rarely drive it anymore.

I am the third owner of the car and bought this car in 2006 from SCCOA member in Charleston SC and the car was originally from Iowa. I have bought new parts when they needed replaced.

The car all original and I know that there were not many 5-Speed in red that were produced. I think this car has every option or very close. I have the original window sticker that I will also post. The car had 66000 miles on it when I bought it and now it has 72000.

Here are just some of the items I have replaced/done over the years:

New Plugs
New Spark Plug Wire Set

New Exhaust
All New Rotors and Pads All-Around and bearings ( I have extra hubs and knuckles for the car)
New A/C Compressor
New A/C Accumulator

New moon roof motor

New moon roof switch

New Subwoofer replaced

Radio/CD repaired

New Front lights ( I have the original lights)
Keypay (I have an extra key pad that for the keyless entry)

New turn signals (I have the original signals)
Head gaskets were replaced with Fel-Pro and all head bolts were replaced May 2022.

The car passed a Colorado emission test in July 2022.

The rear bumper and front bumper were repainted. I had the hood repainted when the rear bumper and front bumper were repainted.

The Tires are new and have under 500 miles on them.

New ARC Shocks were replaced (I have the original ARC Shocks that I replaced)

I have a an extra XR7 grill and grill mount bracket.

I have other parts am not listing that will also go with the car. If you have questions about the parts let me know and I can answer your questions.


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