1989 SC for sale from Original Owner


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Seriously thinking about selling my 89 SC. I show a 55 Bel Air 2 door HT now and this SC has been sitting for the last 2 years. I took it out this weekend to clean, detail, and replace the battery and realized that someone should really use this as "Death by Storage" is a fate that is too difficult to contemplate! Right now everything works, including converted AC, sunroof, power seats, etc.

SSCOA Garage is - http://www.sccoa.com/forums/garage.php?do=user_garage_view&id=27965 .

Car has 66K miles and I have all the parts to return this car to factory original! All documentation goes with the car including owners manual, original window sticker, sales brochures, factory service manuals, emissions manual, and wiring diagrams. The car is fully optioned and was the showroom car at the dealer when I bought it in 1989 (1 owner and 1 driver).

Car is rust free and was always garaged. This was my daily drive until 2003 and stored since. It has been a trophy winning show car since 2009 and is located in Connecticut and is ready to drive anywhere, but you will need a small truck for the parts.

Contact me if you are interested.
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I tried to send you a message but it did not show up in my sent items.

Can you try messaging me? I'm curious about your price



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Original Sticker & other Photos

Here are some photos for this car.


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A few more Photos

A couple of more photos of car not included in Garage area.


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This car looks like a great combination of performance mods, drivability and good looks.

I'm thinking the Mrs would throw me out!!

If she really loves you she will EVENTUALLY forgive you! LOL I find that buying the wife jewelry helps speed the forgiveness process and timeline!


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I never knew this car had some fans or groupies. It is nice to hear that there are a few people out there who also think this car is as nice as I always knew it was.


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That is a very nice car. I'd love to have another but there's too much else to fight with her about. Do you have a dyno sheet? I'm impressed by the #s. Are all your mods listed?


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If I do, I can't lay my hands on them right now. I will look over the weekend and get back to you. There are a few additional mods (inter-cooler fan and others) but not substantially different than what is listed.


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Anyone interested in a Santa Red hot Sled???

A gift for the guy or gal who has everything. Offers accepted.

Merry Christmas!