1990 35th Anniversary SC for sale CHEAP


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I have a 1990 35th Anniversary SC with 190893 miles IMG_0185.JPGIMG_0188.JPGIMG_0196.JPGIMG_0194.JPGthat i do not want to send to the salvage yard. Be advised I do NOT have the keys as my separated wife can't remember where she put them. I am asking only $500 because the car is complete and also comes with lots of spare parts from a non-anniversary car I had. Note that the anniversdary wheel centers are also missing. The car has been garage kept since 2009 and has not run since it was parked. It has been involved in (2) accidents. The first one was with the previous owner, who had the car repainted black, not the anniversary scheme. The second one was with me, which resulted in the RH front fender being replace and the RH corner of the front bumper cover being cracked. The removed fender comes with the car and may be repairable as the damage is not severe. The spares include a complete engine on a stand, RH front fender, both entry doors, rear half-shafts, extra supercharger & throttle body, engine wire harness, almost a complete set of burgundy red interior panels/trim, front bumper cover and (6) 18 gallon totes of miscellaneous small part such as taillights. Non-anniversary wheels are mounted but anniversary wheels are included minus the center caps. Call 443-614-5140. More photos available, specific photos available on request as well. Engine hoist included. Note: price negotiable - i just don't want to send it to the salvage yards.


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Would you consider selling and shipping the extra supercharger? Technically I only need the snout . I’m located in CO. Thanks for considering!


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What is an IRCM? i assume it is some sort of module. I have attached photos of the only modules i can find.View attachment 96064View attachment 96065
My understanding of it is its a secondary computer that controls alot of the cars electronics including the fans. It lives by the air box, and is separated into 2 different groups. Those 1989-1992 and then 1993+. What you're holding there might match the image I've posted before, but I can't say for sure.


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