1990 Anniversary SC 26,700 miles


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Make: Ford
Model: Thunderbird
Color Interior/Exterior: Black/Black
Year: 1990
Transmission: Automatic
Miles: 26,700 original

Your location: Utah
Price: $18,500

I would love to keep this car but have no room to store it and need the money. I have been doing some research on the value and as others have mentioned the prices seem to be all over the place, but higher lately. I'm thinking my price in in the ball park, maybe on the high side. I'm considering listing on Ebay or Barret Jackson end of January if it doesn't sell here first.

This car is in excellent condition with a couple issues. There is one dent on the right quarter panel (see pics) and the sound out of the left speakers is very quiet with the CD player inop.

It runs and drives just like a brand new car, feels like a step back in time. New tires, new Ford battery. Lived in California until 2015.

Comes with all the goodies the Anniversary cars had plus a pair of Anniversary Thunderbird watches that I haven't seen anywhere else.
Suede cleaning kit, Floor mats (never opened), CD case and ford CDs, Cassette player cleaner, Soaring Spirit book, manuals and warranties, Car cover, Black key blanks, Key chain, Pen (leaked ink), Posters (water damage), and the watches mentioned previously. Didn't come with the car new but sells with it: Chilton manual, Revell model of the car.



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If anyone is interested but the price is too high, shoot me an offer, worst I can say is no. I'm not in a hurry to sell, but would entertain a reasonable offer.

pro street rich

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hey there very nice car you have there. Would you be willing to sell the 35th stuff that you have. I sure could use a cover and the other stuff if you wanted to make a package deal.. Just got to ask. Call me if you want to talk about it at 414-333-3888....rich


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Thanks! I wish I could keep it.
I think I would like to keep it all together at this point. If I do decide to split it up, I'll let you know.

Also, has anyone here seen the watches before? Did they actually come with the car, or did someone just have them made?

Also, also, I just got the Marti Report for this car.


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If you look back under the non technical forum, Sept 18th I posted some pic's of the watch that came with 1 of my Anni's
as well as some of the dealer forms for ordering the associated accessories that were in the package sent to the dealers Nov 89.

I've never been able to confirm what the # stamped into the back of the watch was. It doesn't match anything in the VIN # , so I've
always assumed it was the sequence of 35th edition's made. Anyone know?

I think the number of watch's ordered must be rare though. Yours is the the only other one I've seen.

I also have the poster,the patch, book & calander.


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Awesome, thanks for the info! I'll have to look at what's stamped on the back, I've never taken them out of the box.


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Mine is 0854 The car was manufactured Mar 19th

Actually all 3 of mine are within 6 day's of each other. I've never seen it confirmed anywhere
but I've always believed that all the Anni's must have been made consectulvy or at least
the last portion of March.

There is a member on here from Switzerland, his was also made same day as mine(March 19th). It was originally sold in U.S
so its nothing to due with the D.S.O. At one time I thought since mine were all sold in Canada, they were
all scheduled for build close together for shipping,etc.

Interested to hear what # is on yours


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Now that I've looked at the Marti reports posted in the non technical forum here again, my theory about all anni's being built in March is wrong. There are some in Feb & June as well.


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Hey everyone!

OK, so I have a theory that I have been working on proving or disproving for a while. I was buffing the paint and discovered a couple faint circles I hadn't noticed before on the driver fender near the windshield and then noticed some matching circles on the passenger fender along with some on the driver quarter panel. My first thought was that they look like they might be from a camera rig, so I looked up what movie might have had a car like this and discovered The Hitman starring Chuck Norris by Cannon Films.

The first vehicle history record for my TBird is in Yorba Linda CA which is near LA where Cannon Films was located. I don't know how many of these were sold in or around LA but I would imagine not many. All of the dates of the movie and the car data make it look plausible. The car in the movie has no sunroof and mine has a sunroof, but I'm told that studios have multiple cars. Usually one for farther away shots and one for interior shots of the actors in the car. This would make sense since mine has the marks on the paint. The filming was in Canada so I thought must not be my car, then I learned that many times they will transport cars to where they shoot the films.

Cannon Films is defunct and I've tried to contact them via email hoping someone might still check it. I've contacted via social media a guy in the credits who was the Property Master. I've contacted a few others I don't remember but I haven't gotten a response from anyone.
The circles could just be from a car cover or some other accessory before I got the car, but I thought I would throw my ideas out there and see if anyone knows anything that would help make or break my theory.


Thanks for looking!


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Wow, that is a interesting theory. Wish I knew of a way of proving or disproving it.
What part of Canada was it filmed, do you know? I'm near Toronto Ontario & have
have some contacts for film cars.


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Well, I hate to do this but I need to get this thing sold because I have new financial demands.
New price is $14,500 OBO. Again, if you would like to make an offer let me know. Worst can happen is I say no.