1990 Anniversary SC 5-Speed Excellent Condition


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Make: Ford
Model: Thunderbird
Color Interior/Exterior: Black & Suede/Black & Silver
Year: 1990
Transmission: Manual 5-Speed
Miles: 96,894 original

Your location: Alabama
Price: $7,000

Well, after owning my 1990 Anniversary Supercoupe for 17 years, I have decided to sell it in retirement.
Many of you already know me as Paul Protos (TwoTimeSC), the guy that has been restoring the radios and CD Players in these cars for the last 19 years.

I bought this car in 2005 off of eBay from a guy in Colorado and have loved restoring and driving it ever since.
I have installed so many NOS parts on it, I have lost track.

The car really is an original manual transmission version and I know that not a tremendous amount were produced.
That is what drove me to buy it.

It had 94,600 miles on it when I bought it and I only put about 2,300 miles on it since.
Current Mileage is: 96,894

Please read below and tell me if you might be interested in picking it up!

Here are just some of the items I have replaced/done to it in the last 17 years: (Everything is still like new because it has been in storage almost the whole time)

Motorcraft Double Platinum Plugs
NOS Motorcraft Spark Plug Wire Set
NOS Idle Air Control Valve (IAC)
NOS Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
NOS ABS Accumulator
All New Rotors and Pads All-Around
NOS Radiator Cap
NOS Air Deflector below Radiator
NOS Air Rubber Air Dam below front of engine
New A/C Compressor
New A/C Accumulator
Three New Motorcraft Poly-V Belts
Three New Goodyear Belt Tensioners Pullies (Plastic like originals)
New Motorcraft Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses (Lower has Anti-Collapse Spring Inside)
New Hydraulic Motor Mounts
New Reproduction Anniversary Black Leather/Perforated Suede Interior
NOS Ford Motorsport Thunderbird Embroidered Floormats
NOS Ashtray
NOS Cigarette Lighter
NOS Power Antenna & Switch
NOS Leather 5-Speed Shift Knob (Try to find one!)
NOS SC Steering Wheel
NOS Upper & Lower Reveal Moldings - Front and Rear
New Double-lip Supercharger Shaft Seal
Supercharger was filled with BP Turbine Oil per SCCoA Recomendations
Converted Car from Base Model Audio to Full JBL Audio System, Including Sub-Woofer, Speakers, Harnesses, Amplifiers and JBL Door Panel Inserts
Dash Designs Black Brushed Suede Dash Cover
Fully Restored Roll-Top Cubby in Top of Dash
NOS Rear Interior Lights
Rebuilt Power Window Motors
Drained and Filled Manual Transmission with GM SynchroMesh Fluid
Installed Reproduction ABS Reservoir Label
Installed Silver Vinyl Decal Bumper Inserts - Front and Rear
and more that I have not thought of!

Everything on this car works great, with a few exceptions:
Dash has a Crack in It that is covered by the Dash Cover
Very Slight Noise from one of the Wheel Bearings (Not sure which one). Was like that when I bought it and never got worse so I never addressed it.
Very Slight Rattle from Supercharger Coupler. (I have have new replacement that will go with car)
Fuel Gauge is pegged Past Full (Just noticed this year when taken out of storage)
CD Player will not play Discs (I will repair this prior to sale)
Sub-Woofer does not Work (I will repair this prior to sale)
A/C Needs some Refrigerant (I will recharge prior to sale)

I believe the car was in an accident before I got it because the Hood and Front Fenders appear to have been repainted.
The original Paint and Clear-Coat is still fine and not Peeling or Getting Cloudy
Nothing under the hood looks like there was ever any damage. The car drives perfectly and tracks dead straight.

Tires are Goodyear and have Decent Tread on them
Shifter is Nice and Tight
ARC Shocks Work Great
ABS Works Great
Cooling System Actually Runs Cool and Both Fan Speeds Work Fine

I also have a ton of NOS, Never Used Items/Parts that will go with the car:

35th Anniversary Car Cover
1 Empty 35th Anniversary Car Cover Bag
2-Sets of 35th Anniversary Mats
35th Anniversary Sueade Cleaning Kit
2- Sets 35th Anniversary Accessory Kits
1 Empty 35th Anniversary Car Cover Bag
Thunderbird Soaring Spirit Book
New 1990 Revell Thunderbird SC Model Kit
New Brass Radiator (Original is Still Fine)
NOS Hoses
NOS Belts
NEW Plug Wires
NOS Double Platinum Plugs
New Bras
Dozens and Dozens more NOS/New Parts for the Car

Car can be driven anywhere without worries but you may need a truck to get all of the NOS Goodies that will come with it.

I will be posting pictures in the next couple of days.

Please contact me at polyscroll@hotmail.com if interested.


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Please, someone buy this bird so I can’t! I have no room for her, and if I “make room”, it might be my bedroom...

Paul, thanks for taking care of this one. Beautiful.


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I forgot to mention that I have NOS Motorcraft ARC Shocks that come with this as well. I think I have three rears, I think. I had fronts too but I think I sold them. I'll check.

With as many parts as you will be getting, this is a steal.


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I'm really interested in your SC. How much is shipping from Alabama to Portland, Oregon?
I think Paul prefers you to contact him through his email in add. Also he did note you would need a additional truck to pick up all the parts that are included with it, so you would have to factor that into your calculations when estimating your shipping/ pick up cost's.


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Like I said earlier, the sale of this car is pending.
If for some reason the deal falls through, I will post here again and let everyone know.

I do indeed prefer to be contacted with questions via my email. (Thanks Doug H)


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Paul - I would love to have it to sit beside my 90 SC in the garage, but I'm out of space right now. Looks great.

PS - thanks for doing such a great job on the repair of my radio head unit. Works like a champ.