1990 T-Bird SC 5-speed (Saskatchewan)


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Practically stock 1990 SC for sale (non-driving - complete parts car). Good for parts car but needs some significant body work to get on the road again.

Brief history: Completely and properly overhauled 100% motor and tranny in 2004/2005 with stock specs. Many new parts since including HBJ steel balancer, deleted cats and complete custom cat-back 2.5"/3"/2.5" exhaust w/Magnaflow mufflers. Put about 100 000 KMS on motor since rebuilt but have had car parked since about 2011 due to fuel pump failed and rocker panels are pretty well shot. Motor turns over fine and will fire up when fuel pump is working but last running about 2 years ago. Seats are all in fair condition as I had them recovered with factory leather in 2007. Everything was properly broken in after rebuild and ran strong. Did me through school and now it's a stress burden that I've been trying to avoid turning into a financial burden by fixing up, haha. I'm not a body guy and this would need a lot of body work to get on the road again. Mechanically, it's all there - minus a working fuel pump! I have a complete list of absolutely everything I did I can email to anyone interested.

If I were to guess I probably have close to $5000 into this car. Comes with a few spare tires and spare driver/passenger doors (including windows) in good shape I never put on. Pictures are from its prime shortly after rebuild. She got me a few college ladies (wait, what? haha). Body is showing its age from sitting. I'm basically wondering what kind of interest is out there as I would like to sell the car complete as-is. I would say I'd be asking $1500 CDN? For that you got yourself a $1100 exhaust system and I think I paid close to $500 CDN for that HBJ steel harmonic balancer from Super Coupe Performance. So you got a decent stock motor and rebuilt tranny for free along with anything else off the car. Subwoofers in the pic are not included. Shipping is up to the buyer. Let me know some thoughts....I can pull the motor/trans if I have interest with a deposit but will likely scrap the body after unless I find a buyer.

If anyone knows of any good fb pages I can post to or means of advertising elsewhere, let me know. I'm not too familiar with the SC or MN12 market in Canada right now so it would be nice to send this ol girl to greener pastures. This site has proven it's purpose many times for me as a proud SC owner right from my initial purchase through my rebuild and keeping up the hopes and dreams after. Not sure the best route to contact me, but let's start with my email at brett00geiger@gmail.com and I will also try to stay in touch on here as well.


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