1990 Thunderbird SC


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Hello everybody, may I start by saying I really enjoy the community revolving around these cars; it's a pleasure to see everybody being so generous with their info and resources, etc.
I bought my SC (fairly) recently; it's original owner had died and his widow has taken out of the garage and parked it on the street to make room for her brand-new Nissan Cube(?) with no plates/insurance, that's how I first noticed it. So, I'll skip to the good part: I bought it for $1000cdn.
I never really disliked or liked these cars; my parents had a 1985 Olds 442 which they bought brand new. Having been born in 1978, I was 12 in 1990 and remember vividly seeing the SCs around no doubt, although I never knew anybody that had one.. including anybody from my parents' circles. My dad never directly dismissed them either, he thought they were nice but not quite up to his taste; the 442 was/is a nicer car all-around, there's just no doubt. Anyways, I digress...
I've been driving this car around lately, everyday; I love it. Everything about it. Even though I spent $3000 getting the lame AOD transmission rebuilt (nicely) and about $500 on misc., including an annoying vacuum leak around the supercharger.
The air conditioning was working beautifully, like hard-nipples cold, but now one of the lines is leaking and it's fckn uncomfortably-hot, I tried a kit but it is not working; the line is too worn. Not an SC specific problem I'm just saying it's horrible, because it was so N-ice cold before. Also, a brake line is leaking and spraying brake fluid onto the exhaust manifold. This renders the brakes into basically non power assist lol, I have strong legs but I would never let anybody drive the car the way it is until it's fixed. The exhaust leaking at the big retarding muffler that turns the dual exhaust/equalizes it into a single pipe... I deleted the muffler and put a Y-pipe on that section for now: it sounded way better with the exhaust leak! Had way more power too, I swear. I can tell by the burn-outs I could do with a retarded exhaust and without.


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Presuming you just had it certified or safetied recently & it's already developed a brake system leak & exhaust leak ?

I would be taking it to a more qualified shop to what else they missed, next it'll be a tie rod or ball joint separating.

Possibly even report the shop to your provincial standards.