1991 Ford Thunderbird SC


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Hi, there are some changes in the family and unfortunately I have to sell my car. It is a very nice car, with very low mileage and I have been working to keep it all original. For me it is the nostalgia that remembers my dad cars, and I did an extra effort to keep the car like if it is rolling from the factory.

It is a Ford Thunderbird 1991, with only 49K miles. I bought not long time ago, and I have dome multiple things:

- The breaks I bought newer spindles (93-95) and the calipers for a Ford Mustang PBR. The calipers are remanufacture, and the new disk brakes and pads. (Lloyd Halls Alignment)
- The whole suspension was replace. Upper control, lower control, outer and inner tie rods, rear and front sway bar. And poly bushings in the front and rear suspension. (Lloyd Halls Alignment)
- The antena was fixed.
- The speedometer and odometer was fixed. (Zepco in Dallas, Tx)
- The Auto Stereo and CD ( Factory Repair Service)
- The Master cylinder brake was remanufacture (SuperCoupePerformance and Mustang Service Center in Dallas)
- Spark Plugs, Wire plugs, Pressure regulator, the three belt tensioners, Air conditioning —> Mustang Service Center in Dallas.

Most of the activities have been done in specialists shops, except for small details like the Antena. I was not doing any shortcuts and I was doing the maintenance to keep the car for ever.

The car drives wonderful, great suspension, motor, no noises, or check engine lights. The car feels like a new car, and it is very nice to drive. Hopefully someone that is looking for an unmolested car, all original can keep that way

IM here or send me and IM at 419-855-2811 (I will return message after 6PM CT)

$8,000 OBO.
Dallas, TX (Plano)





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