1991 SHO trade for 5 speed SC


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Ive developed a love for SC's over the past few months and have decided to try and trade my 1991 Mocha Frost SHO for the right SC. The SHO is clean and well taken care of. It came from colorado 3 years ago and now is in NY. It does NOT suffer from ny rot. Ive owned it for most of that time. It was stock when I bought it and within the last 5,000 miles Ive put on Shosource 12" rotors with dual piston calipers, russel stainless lines, and remanufactured from Shosource 94/95 knuckles up front. New stock rear rotors and calipers and I have russel stainless lines for the rears also but not installed. Hawk hps pads all around, Magnaflow Y-pipe, Moog inner/outer tie rods, and an alignment. I also have a set of new rod bearings, a spare intake (runners, tanks, butterflies), and extra SHO body cladding. The clutch was done by the previous owner and although I am not sure of the brand I do know it only has 15k on it. The mtx shifts good, I changed the fluid in it about 2,000 miles ago. Oil changed every 3,000. Never had a problem with this car other than warped stock rotors which is why I spent so much on my brake set up. The only thing on this car that needs tending to, which I will be doing this winter is the current drivers door SHO cladding has a rust strip. Pretty common for these cars and its the reason I have aquirred extra cladding. The other bummer on my car is it has 160k on it. Still makes a great daily, and I will continue to modify, and maintain it throughout the winter if it does not get traded.

I dont care much for what color or year the SC is, also the interior color doesnt matter. I just want it to be in good shape with little to no rust and a 5 speed. Stock is preferred but not needed. I would be willing to add $2,000+ for a nice low milage sc.

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