1992 SC 5 spd, Blue w/ Moonroof and Grey interior 143,143miles, $11,000 OBO

walter pilie

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There comes a time in life where a man must part with some of his most cherished possessions. Mine is a 1992 SC 5 speed with lots of goodies. Blue with moonroof, original grey cloth interior, lowered with all kinds of upgrades. No cats though, as I live in semi-rural area with no exh tests on inspection. Tuned for all the stuff by Apten. New engine installed with degreed cam and lots more at 91k mi, now at 143,143 mi. Tranny rebuilt and new clutch kit installed pre-pandemic. Hardly even broken in! Maybe 450 miles. I am attaching my extensive list of all the things done and maintenance. Bought it from neighbor 1998. Garage kept most of its life. Has original wheels and Goodyear Sport V rated 225/60R16. Handles incredibly for a car of its size! I can tell every little thing it needs to bring it to perfection. Never drag-raced but driven to 140! Southeast Louisiana is its home. I have some health issues and I am just not driving it, particularly with a recent knee operation. Having home re-modelling done and need the garage space.


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Absolutely gorgeous machine You mentioned that it has been lowered- could you elaborate on that? Does the suspension adjustment feature still function, both automatically and manually?
Please have a look at the list of mods from 09/2002. 1-1/2" Eibach lowering springs. I would have to pull my file to give you more details. Also upgraded front brakes to dual caliper which required swapping to 1995 spindle, as I recall. The suspension feature works - both automatically and manually.