1993 Ford Thunderbird

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1993 Ford Thunderbird

The car that started my TBSC obsession lol

In case ya ask... Why Slippery Nipple? It's a bar drink but also somewhat an attribute. She looks better wet since the paint is whooped (see pics). And she's a little wiggly in the rain if gotten on too hard.

Bought from a Local dealership. Guy couldn't get it started. Got a wicked deal on it because he knew I'd love it and well... It didn't run and he had nonidea why. 10 minutes of looking it over I figured out it needed a key cylinder. Bought an aftermarket one from up the street. Installed it. Borrowed his dealer plates and drove it home! Love at 1st drive.

Mint interior etc. Overall nice car. But sold after running into expensive exhaust repairs I just couldn't swing. Went to a buddy. Who I eventually bought it back from. Needs some rust work now. But a wicked runner, smooth, and responsive with her built AOD etc.

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