1993 Thunderbird SC w/Black Mark VIII Leather Interior - $1200


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Make: Ford
Model: Thunderbird SC
Color Interior/Exterior: MARK VIII Black Leather / Red
Year: 1993
Transmission: AOD
miles: 186,000

Your location: English, IN
Price: $1200

Running, driving 93 SC with a 95% complete Mark VIII interior swap? It needs maintenance and some repair work done before being road-worthy, but it does start and run nicely. I originally bought this car back in the mid 2000's with a blown headgasket @ ~102k miles...repaired it and drove it for several years after that, sold it (regretted it), bought it back with a trashed gray interior, and set out to restore it with a swapped Mark VIII interior (there are many notes in the Members pages on the swap). All wiring diagrams and notes related to the project will be included. Also has a late-model front end swap...otherwise it is stock.

After it has sat incomplete for several years, moving to our third house and sitting for another 4yrs in the garage, I think it’s time to let go.

I have a very large collection of Thunderbird parts that can be added to the deal and nearly all parts that aren’t installed are there in the garage…we can wheel-n-deal for whatever parts you want with the car from my collection, but the bottom line is that I want the garage space back and the project off my mind…I hope someone else can enjoy it! The Mark VIII interior was ”done right” and everything that could be made to work does. Feel free to ask any questions. All my Mark VIII interior stuff (plus Jeff Bratton’s collection) can go with it.

Video of it running (9/18/22) is available


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