1994 5-Speed


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Thinking of selling my 1994, Purchased in Georgia in 2007 from original owner. Car has 157,000 miles. Red/Grey Leather

New Water Pump
New Plugs and wires Jan-2019
Bearing replaced in rear
Stainless headers, exhaust, 1999 Mustang front brake upgrade are only Mods.
Poly rear pumpkin bushings

Car has power driver seat, dimming mirror, keyless entry, climate control, JBL but has aftermarket. I have JBL equipment still

Located in Philadelphia suburbs, approx 30 Mins from Philly.

Needs paint, inspection is expired currently.

Looking for honest offer, will post pics this weekend.

Fielding interest at this point...


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Pictures from two weeks ago


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Has the clutch been replaced yet? Very interested since my first car, 16 yrs ago, was a 1993 SC. Kind of weary of that head gasket though at that many miles if it hasn't been replaced yet. Mine blew at 172k.


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previous owner put a clutch in it.

I don't believe HG's were done. I've had 5 SC's and never had a HG go. There are no mods on this car, so no added pressure was ever added. In fact, the bigger exhause with headers i always thought helped guard against HG issues.

Joey D

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Saw the cl ad for $3500. Agree with headgaskets worryness. Only owned 1 sc tho. How motivated price wise? Im in nj


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Fairly motivated. Open to reasonable offers. Bought a new Mustang and haven't sold anything yet, too many cars right now.

Also selling a 1998 GT Convertible with 44,000 miles. Auto

Trying to clean house some...


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The $3500 on CL was just to see what local interest there was. I know way overpriced based on SC market.


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I have spare parts if someone is interested and doesn't already (don't we all?)

I have a spare back seat, WITH NO TEARS (the one for sale has the typical shrunken at seams feature

ALL BACK Window TRIM, no issues


Various other parts that I never sold from my previous 1995.


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Hi i was wandering if u have a radio surround from 95- 95 sc in good shape with no broken tabs.thx .


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Free'd up some old's PM's wow...LOL

98 GT need's nothing. Newer tires,new top, new brakes

Not sure if i sold radio surround a few years back...was mentioning parts for any that this one for sale might need cosmetically.

I'll look.

Can'tt hink of anything the SC needs mechanically. heardliner mayyyybe?


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PS...this was a Georgia car, and I never drove this in any bad weather, not would i have wanted to , LOL

No dings or body damage, or rust. so I'm thinking no body work for paint.

My mechanic put new plugs and wires in Jan/Feb, and it has a new water pump.

Fronts seats in VG condition. They were from my 95 that only had 70,000 miles.


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if i was looking to make more money here, i would part the car out versus selling a good driver car to someone who would appreciate it.

But it's a good car, and i'd rather sell it to someone who wants to drive it, especially since we know how rare the 94-95 5-Speeds are.


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Nice looking stang, wish your SC were a little closer and I didn’t already have an SC project.
Good luck with your sale.
Someone wants that rare car!