1994 Black 5-spd $8000


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Thunderbird Supercoupe
Grey Leather Interior/Black exterior
5-spd manual
~145K miles

Shelbyville, IN

I've owned this car for the past 12 years, so I know quite a bid about it's recent service history. I picked the car up in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the spring of 2010, also I found the car listed on this sight.

At that time the car had just gotten a new black base/clear paint job, that shines real well today.

The Good:

Stored indoors past 12 years
The car can be daily driven, I've done it recently.
AC, defrost, and cruise work
Shocks and ride control work
Radio and power antenna work
Interior all works and is in nice shape
Seats air up, not ripped
headliner not torn
Shifts perfect every gear, new fluid
Stereo still rocks
The 4 Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires and new, less than 500 miles
Runs good. Plenty of power

The Bad:

Brakes need bled. Pads and rotors are good, don't want to risk breaking a bleeder screw. It drives.
Paint is peeling off the front bumper cover and other paint blemishes are starting to show
Odometer recently stopped counting miles (after changing speedo cable gear)


Fuel pump (SCP)
Injectors (SCP)
MP plenum
Ford Lightning throttle body
Ported 94 sc with new bearings and seal
Custom chip (SCP)
10% overdrive SC pulley (SCP)
Raised SC top (SCP)
B&M ripper shifter
Custom dual exhaust, cat deleted, Magnaflow resonator, Flowmaster mufflers
Cold air intake tube/filter
3.31 gears
Poly urethane bushings on the pumpkin and various places

New parts/maintenance: Past year

New clutch
slave cylinder/ throughout bearing
oxygen sensor
upper radiator hose
spark plugs
New oil change
head bolts
head gaskets
valves lapped
combustion face milled
new valve cover gaskets
intake manifold gaskets
ball joints upper/ lower
floor mats
rear wheel bearings
tinted window
serpentine belt
SC belt (SCP)
stiffer tensioner spring (SCP)
new belt tensioners for serpentine.


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