1995 SC 5-spd - Dissassembled


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Putting out a feeler for this. I have a 1995 5-spd, that I have planned to restore pretty much ground up. Started 10 years or so on this, stopped and re-started several times, but family life hast taken priority and for the last 5 years or so I have barely touched it. I don't see a path for me to getting back to it for the next 10 or so, and I don't want to have it just sit there. I've collected a ton of parts, front and rear sub frame off suspension rebuild complete (pretty much all the parts, mark8 arms, etc, all new solid bushings, sway bars, etc.). Additionally a Dave D. rebuilt engine on a stand (details below).
Below is a list of items i put on spreadsheet several years ago. I believe there's many, many more. Sunk costs in the parts, engine, etc. is probably around 15k total, and that's 5-10 years ago. I'll try to get some photos to post so you have an idea of where the car is at at this point (suspension on frame now, all body panels off, complete drive train off).

Engine Details:
- Wiseco Pro True forged piston set with moly rings and chrome moly pins
- Complete engine bearing set including cam bearings, rod bearings, and main bearings in std. or undersize.
- Timing chain and tensioner set
- Complete Felpro gasket set. Includes MLS head gaskets.
- ARP Head Studs
- ARP Main Cap Stud Kit (modified to fit SC motor) 120.00T
- Comp Cams custom ground billet 3.8L SC camshaft 345.00T
- Stage I ported heads. Includes bronze guides, oversize valves, oversize seats, springs, hardware, and stage I porting
- Port match stock SC intake manifold 150.00T
- Scorpion Roller rockers 250.00T
- Chrome Moly 5/16" .080" wall pushrods. Custom length 85.00T
- Hi Vol Mellings oil pump 95.00T
- BHJ Harmonic balancer 370.00T
- Degrease and hot tank block, remove rust buildup, wire brush clean all oil galleys, deburr all edges including main caps, remove casting flash, check housings, zero deck block on BHJ fixture to RA 20 minimum surface for MLS gaskets, bore to recommended oversize and hone with torque plate to a plateau finish. Line hone
main bearing journals. Final hot tank and wash block to remove all traces of oil and chips. Paint block and install frost plugs, galley plugs, and cam bearings.
-Grind/polish/blueprint crankshaft
-Assemble entire engine, fitting all components, verifying all bearing clearances, setting up valve train, cam degree, pre-lube motor and verify oil pressure.

Front Subframe (I think all arms are Moog):
front hub retainer nut
dust cap
Cobra rotors
Front Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint - Left Side
Front Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint - Right Side
Front Lower Control Arm with Ball Joint - Left Side
Front Lower Control Arm and Ball Joint - Right Side
Front Sway Bar End Link Kit
1989-1997 FORD THUNDERBIRD Rack and Pinion - full rebuild
Front Outer Tie Rod End
Front Upper Strut Mount
SS Steering Joint
Front Strut Rod Bushing Kit - At Frame
Front Strut Rod Bushing Kit - At Lower Control Arm
Front Tockico Shocks
Springs (forget the name but lowers car 2.5" I think, maybe Vogtland?)

Rear Subframe:
2 of Moog K8562 Control Arm Bushing
Beefier Halfshaft
Brake Rotors
Delrin bushings, mark viii lca, and perches
uhmv irs subframe bushings
Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit
Sway bar bracket and bushings

Additional what I can think of:
quarter horse
Drive shaft (custom), large OD
rip shifter
SIL plates
bunch of hardware

Feel free to make an offer on everything. I will not be parting it out, buy you can choose to do so. You will need to come with a flat bed and whatever other transport to take everything. I am open to showing you everything if you want to check it out.

Photos coming


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Some old photos I was able to dig up


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Few more


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pro street rich

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hey there, sorry to hear you have run into issues it trying to rebuild your car. It looks like you are in the chicago area?? is that correct? Why not give me a call and lets talk about making your car 100% again. here is my number....414-333-3888 Rich


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hey there, sorry to hear you have run into issues it trying to rebuild your car. It looks like you are in the chicago area?? is that correct? Why not give me a call and lets talk about making your car 100% again. here is my number....414-333-3888 Rich
Hi Rich,
Thanks for the offer to help. I will definitely hit you up if I can't get the right offer or person to sell it to. Yes I am in Chicago.


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Will be storing it away to hopefully work on it in the future. If someone wants to save it final call. 7k?