1995 SC 5speed


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I have a black sc that has bad injectors and still lays down 270-/+hp and looks stock. and a few things wrong with her that really pushes the limits of my budget. as of now I am selling her for 700 flat out as is with two sets of rims stock and a pair of lincoln LS rims that only need a half inch spacer to make fit properly and they look very decent. The b&m ripper shifter that is still in the box. a few parts to modify the rear side window to push out like on the super cab rangers do that is also not installed. a few sets of the rear deck panel lights and corner lamps. and many many more. if you would like pics of any and all parts just send your e-mail and I will forward some pics and the dyno slip.
note: although many parts have been removed all hardware is inside car and has not been removed.
Interested in more information.
mods to get to 270hp
other than injector what is wrong with the car?
will it start, run, drive onto trailer?

note: although many parts have been removed all hardware is inside car and has not been removed.

Could you explain what you mean by that?

Could you send the pictures to snakesm13@gmail.com

actually I bought the car in that state. I had another mech look at her from RPT performance here in lewisville and all he can truely tell me is the dyno is consistant but completely looks stock but the dyno says not at all. although I havent really looked at the computer for modification that is a possibility but still wouldnt be a 40hp gain over stock I would suppose. as far as internals I didnt want him stripping her down just to look and have to pay more labor. the engine alone has quite a bit of miles on her but she still runs like a mad ape... and that with the blown injectors. the mech and I am curious what she does with new ones but I'm kinda stuck with waiting for the money or selling her all off to someone who can take care of her and take her to her potential.

if I could find the old owner and ask him I would but he has long since moved from the only address that was in south texas and couldnt find a forwarding to reach him.
and miles are a lil over 280k give or take. She is a beast and shows it well with how resilient she is or possibly blow a head gasket and she continues to go. by now I would have expected something else to fail. right now I have a set of motegi mr116 on one side so she leans a lil. the rear end is not aligned properly so it looks like she is toed out on one side and toed in on the other just a simple adjustment can correct that and she stands fine.

I'll post more as I go. and I'm not sure how to post pictures on here so when I get them taken could someone assist me in posting?
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In regards to posting pictures the following may help:
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Repeat for each photo OR your welcome to email them to the address provided in my previous post.
Please refer back to my post and answer the questions
will it start, run, drive onto trailer?

Thanks again!
yes she will start and run. I start her every so often just to make sure she can still function. I even drive her around the block if I feel the urge too.

I've sent pics to snake so I hope he gets them posted soon. Sorry its took so long. I do however have an idea about the ripper, if you have or can find a short shifter for the t-5 02 v6 mustang I will trade straight up for whoever it was that asked about it if I don't find someone to take it all.
and as for all hardware in the car, the dash has been removed to search for a short or anything in the gauge cluster harness or anywhere else and the speedo gear has been replaced in the process.
Here are the pictures I was sent:






Hopefully this can help someone out, I was interested in it for a friend but he wants a "muscle car"

Good luck with the sale!