1995 Thunderbird Clock Spring


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Anyone know if there are any other years, makes models of fords that have a clock spring compatable with the 1995 SC? Will a 1990-1997 Thunderbird clock Spring work? this is the part# of mine F5SZ-14A664-A - there are 4 listings for a 1994 Cougar / Thunderbird ones listed on eBay now. Thanks


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According to what I found looking up that part number these are the cars that are the same


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I just clicked on your link which took me to a page for the part scroll down and there is a vehicle fitement list i'm not saying i'm sure its 100% accurate but what you could do is look it up on a different site or look it up by one of the cars on the list and see if you get the same part number... or possibly call ford and ask them for a cross referance list