2010 SC PhotoBook Special ends Oct 23rd


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Good afternoon All,

My book printing company is running a special on their photobooks. Unfortunately, I can't share the book across log in's so I have to order the book and then ship to you!

The cost will be $47.00 and that includes me shipping it to you once I receive them.

It's a hard photo cover, 87 page book that would normally run $97.95 plus shipping!

I will need you to paypal me the money by Sunday Oct 23rd, in order to catch the deal that expires on the 25th.

If interest PM me and I'll send my paypal info, please include your shipping address as well.

Thanks and enjoy, Sally
Mine too..................:confused:
I actually know mine is a day slow. My brother and I are served our mail out of the same post office and if somebody else from the same post office send us mail on the same day, I will get mine one day later than my brother...,

Maybe today.
I got mine today. I was a little worried when I saw it because the envelop was turn through on top of what ended up being the front cover. Somehow, the book wasn't damaged.

Thanks again Sally.