2016 Carlisle

Tim Groth

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Tim, where you there last year? What SC are you bringing?

I'll most likely be coming up in my 89 Daily Drive SC...it's no prize winner, or show car..however I purchased my field pass and well it will be the car running. The '95 Pearl SC has been the one brought previous years, however its still under the knife getting some upgrades and improvements.

At this point I just come to hang out with everyone...been going for so many years its more about seeing friends rather than cars.


J dot Miller

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My XR7 is getting a big overhaul but is a week behind schedule since my mechanics mom got sick. So I have a spare pass. I registered as a 90 SC. Plus FF :mad: let me down and will not let me borrow one of his many cars, I will be at the Hotel Thursday. Anyone want a free pass?


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Hey Miller.... your PM box is full lol. Anway, Chris Vining told me you had a pass for the weekend? I've been trying to make extra money by selling a few antiques etc... so I can make it this weekend. I'll be heading out with Ralph Graul in the morning hopefully. I'll take that pass and could pay you back in a few weeks when I get paid again. Give me a call, I would really like to make it to Carlisle as I have the past 15 or so years. Low on cash as I just got married this past May(Which we had a few SCCoA members attend...Ralph Graul,Chris V, Ken Seegers, Joe Thierry, Tim Groth and Chuck Fulmer) So give me a call asap if you can. Take care,

Chris C. 540-305-4741

J dot Miller

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O waste

Hey Chris, the pass is available. I left a message on your phone if you want it please call me back. I hate for it to go to waste.