2017 Carlisle All Ford Schow


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Hello everybody. I was at Carlisle this past weekend with my stock 92 (the black one with the fading clear-coat). That was the first show that I ever took that to, and it's definitely not the last. (I also had my 2011 F250 there) My dad and I decided that this is going to be a yearly thing for us on the way home. The car was originally his and my mom's (mom's mostly), and it got handed down to me in high school since they weren't driving it. My mom and wife can't do the whole weekend so they only came Saturday afternoon. I have to apologize for not introducing myself while I was there. Being my first show, having two vehicles there, and my dad wanting to go through every single vendor aisle, it was a fast moving weekend for us. I'm not much of a forum guy, but I plan to start being a part of this one more. Hope everyone who attended had a nice weekend, and I'll definitely shake some hands next year.


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Another great year hanging out with everyone! I'll see some of you at some of the local chapter meets and the rest of you next year.

I read they are doing 20 years of Focus next year (not surprising since Ken Appell is the event coordinator) and Focus Rising is aiming for 500 cars. Meanwhile did we even have 15 this year? :( What do we have to do to get a better showing here? Hell I'd be satisfied with 30 but would love to see even more. Seeing over 100 cars in the earlier 2000's I can't begin to believe we lost that many members/cars to be down under 20 now. I know we lost a lot to the shootout and some to the Power Tour but it can't be that many.

Sorry guys, I'm passionate. :eek: Pat let me know if I can assist in anyway next year.


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Issue here is it is a long ways away and a busy time of the year. Could fly out and rent a Focus next year...
Not ideal but a solution.
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