2017 Carlisle Saturday night dinner @ Quaker Steak & Lube

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
Dinner will once again be at the local Quaker Steak and Lube. It's about a 10 minute walk from the Park Inn.

I forgot what time we normally do dinner, but I told them 7pm. Figured that gives everyone plenty of time to get back from the show field and cleanup.

We have the Corvette room (Blah!), same as last year. Can hold 50 people. Spoke with the GM and he was very welcoming, just like last year!

Let's plan to meet in the hotel parking lot around 6:45pm and walk over as a group as we did last year. Feel free to spread it around as normal to the other groups that join us.


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Thanks for getting this together again Pat, had a good time last year. I'll keep you posted if my group ill be making it this year or not.


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Good to see everyone

I know I've been away, but it was fun to see old friends and a few new faces. We need as many enthusiasts as we can get. Kinda disappointed I didn't get as much time to converse at the show as I'd like, but I can change that.

Hopefully with the house and little one doing well, I can start getting back into the cars again. We tested bringing my wife's 86GT and my 96GT, with our daughter and nephew this year. It's very apparent the Mustangs aren't nearly enough space for all our stuff with two kids (we're planning on a second, so best to know now). Those of you who've known me since the first Tbird I had back in 01, and later my black 97, know how much I love these cars and hated to see myself without one. It looks like all roads lead back to MN12s. My wife and I agreed we want a 5 speed SC this time. The plan at this time is to do the paint/body on my 96GT so I can resell it (I work in a body shop, paint isn't a problem). That should give me a decent budget for an SC. The only exception would be if I found a decent 94/5 4.6L, in silver with a blue interior like my first Tbird. Can't blame me for that. Either way, I really like bringing cars back, and these cars deserve it.



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That's great to hear Tom! Hopefully you guys can find that perfect MN12 and add to our numbers.

This community is great and keeps me wanting to do more events with my SC. Never a dull moment hanging with the SCCoA! :cool: