2018 Cruisin’ Classics Car Show Win

J dot Miller

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Hi Guys,
It has taken me a while but I finally one a trophy at my favorite car show the Cruisin’ Classics Car Show at the German American Club in Philadelphia. Why do I love this show:
  1. You can buy and take a pitcher of American or German BEER back to you car.
  2. Food is great. Love the Brats!
  3. Music.
  4. Nice people.
  5. Up to 400 cars to check out.

I arrived early this year as I decided to actually compete for a change since we planned to stay over night and eat dinner at Moonstruck so this time I cleaned Her up nice and opened all windows and even my trunk. FYI - Gus at Moonstruck is the best waiter ever!

They love Supercharged Fords/ Mercs!!! This is evident as they googled over the car, saying they never see those old SC'ed cars any more... Then they put me in a position of respect in the front row (the cars in-front of me went back in the field). How can I complain since now I am closer to the BEER! I could only imagine what they will do if they see some of the excellent SC's in this Club that put me to shame!

I am starting to regret trying to win now. As I take this picture I notice that the trophy is big. I am not sure I have a place to put it. But alas, Fast Freddie never won here so I will keep it. :eek:
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Ira R.

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Nice win! You've been talking about this car show for years now and we were always sorry we couldn't make it. Used to conflict with a family thing every year.


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Congrats on the trophy Miller!!!!
Cougar turned out real nice buddy!
No more car shows in Morrisville PA?

J dot Miller

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Thanks guys. I sure hope some of you can make it to this show next year as there is nothing better than sitting next your your car with a pitcher of beer. It is like Carlisle part duex but closer to home. :eek: :)