2018 SC Shootout results!

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
Below is a list of awards, track results, etc. I have also attached PDFs that contains all dyno runs and all track runs with car numbers assigned for the track. The lady running the computer at the track missed a few car numbers, so your run may be in here and not have the car number (Or correct car number.)

Jim Sanderson and Bill Evanoff took a LOT of pictures that they posted to various sites on FB. We're working to get all of those photos in to the Shootout Facebook page.

Car Show Awards:
Best of Show: Zachary Lowe
2nd Place: Dave Neibert
3rd Place: James Smith
Honorable Mention: Robert Homan
Best Detail: Bill Evanoff
Most Original: Rich Bruhn
Best Paint: Dawn Smith
Best Custom: Mike Siska
People’s Choice: John Peters

Shootout Ambassador: Bill Evanoff
Spirit of the Shootout: Chris Vining
Long Distance Award: Victor Malvar
Rookie Award: Robert Bush
Shootout Banner awarded to: Victor Malvar

Dyno Awards:
V6 M90: James Smith 505.1 rwhp, 561.4 tq
V6 Supercharged: David Neibert 490.77 rwhp, 451.74 tq
V8: Robert Bush 469.48 rwhp, 390.30 tq (At 8000 RPMs!)

Racing Awards:
Track Champion (Dial-in bracket race of all class winners)
Alan Stewart
Runner Up: Kurt Kreisz

Mod 1: (13.799-13.000, index 13.000)
1st: Michael inch
2nd: William Younce

Mod 2: (12.999 – 12.200, index 12.200)
1st: Chris Homan
2nd: Scott Bruhn

Pro Street: (12.199 – 11.400, index 11.400)
1st: Kurt Kreisz
2nd: Jacob Royer

Elite Street: (11.399 – 10.600, index 10.600)
1st: Alan Stewart
2nd: David Neibert

Outlaw: (10.599 – quicker, no index)
1st: Mike Siska
2nd: Brian Oatway

1st: James Smith
2nd: John Peters

Best Burnout: John Peters
Biggest Breakdown: James Smith


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Trunk Monkey

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Pat or Dave, could either of you send me the times and speeds matched to the cars/drivers so that I can update the TCCoA times list for this year.

Trunk Monkey

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Ok, Thanks. Yea, I just looked at the first page and didn't notice that there were 17 pages to scroll through.

I've got it figured out now. Thanks.