2021 Carlisle Go Karts?!

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
Wanted to see if there's any interest in renting the track for go karts this year. We usually need a minimum of 10 (And if we have only about 10, that means usually an hour on the track for each person.) We usually break it up in to 15 or 30 minute runs, and you can switch off with someone at the 30 minute mark IF we have enough people and IF you want to. Rental is usually after the track closes, 11:00pm I believe?

For anyone that has not done this before - it's an inside semi-slick oval track. They are gas go karts, so all the garage doors are open (It's almost like a warehouse) but you will have your eyes burning when done. There's also plenty of rubbings racing, so you may get banged up. Some years are worse than others, and we always discourage T-bones, but they do happen by accident if someone spins right in front of you.

I'll need to call and see if this is even doable on Friday or Saturday night, but wanted to gauge interest. I will require money up-front though - not going to wait until the night of and find out 5 people aren't showing. So I will need Venmo, Paypal or you can send a check if you really want if we go ahead with this.

Looks like track is $550 to rent for the hour. Price seems to go up every year. So may need to find 20 people to keep the per person price reasonable, unless someone really wants to drive the full hour @ $55.

Let me know if interested first off.

Guest list thus far -
1. Pat DiPersia (1 hour) - PAID
2. MadMikeyL (1 hour) - PAID
3. Ken Seegers (1.5 hours) - PAID
4. Blown38 (1 hour) - PAID
5. SCTBIRD1173 (1.5 hours) - PAID
6. Tim Groth (1 hour, if needed) - PAID
7. Rob Floyd (1 hour) - PAID
8. Ralph Graul (1 hour) - PAID
9. Chris Connors (1 hour) - PAID
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Hell yeah I'm in!

As usual I'll have my misc Ford boys with me. We'll split the time either by 15min or 30min.

Let me get a headcount for you.

Thanks Pat!

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
We normally do go karts on Saturday night, right? I just called - they have Friday or Saturday night available, 11pm-12am, or 12am-1am.

Full payment is due up-front to reserve the track. So let's get some numbers together this week so we can see interest and then we can pony up.

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
They also have a new outdoor clover leaf track. Not sure if we wanted to change it up at all this year. . . I personally like the oval slick track, but. . . There's pics and videos on their site. Google map below. Clover leaf looks a bit small. I never did the grand prix track (1/4 mile) and that would probably be fun. But nothing beats some good slick track bumping!


Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
I'm sure we'll get more people interested when we actually get to Carlisle, which is fine/usual, just want to make sure we have our 10 hours covered going in.

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
Okay, we're at 9.5 hours. I'm willing to cover the last half hour as I'm sure someone will step up. But - everyone needs to pay up NOW if you want me to reserve. Can Venmo me or do Paypal. My Venmo is @Pat-DiPersia; Paypal is pat@dipersia.com. I'm not reserving until money is in. Happy to refund if it doesn't happen.