2021 Saturday lunch shopping list

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
Any time I've setup the Saturday lunch, I always feel like I'm forgetting something. So wanted to put together a list (Work-in-progress) of things we'll need for Saturday. I know in the past folks have brought some healthier items or treats - feel free! But wanted to at least get the basics down that we'll provide. If I'm missing something obvious, please let me know!

Coke/Sprite/Diet Coke/Water
Coolers (Bring from home)
Paper towels
Utensils? (Maybe if someone bringing salad type stuff)
Grill utensils
Cheese (For burgers)

Grill (Rob bringing, thanks!)


SCCoA Member
I have the stuff for my jalepeno poppers. Now the big question is IF I make it to carlisle.

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
Please let me know what to bring (I will buy in Carlisle). I hate to get something someone else already got.

Certainly appreciate the offer, but don't feel obligated to bring anything. SCCoA is providing the bulk of lunch, though we usually do get lets of desserts or healthier stuff (Fruit, salads. . .) And in my eyes, you can NEVER have enough dessert, so trust me - if you brought cookies and Tim brought cookies. . . We'll just have to suffer!

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
Notes for next year's lunch -

- One box of burgers is plenty (32 count)
- One pack of dogs is plenty (20 count)
- One pound of cheese for burgers
- Two 22lb bags of ice works well for my 2 coolers
- Don't bother with sodas, didn't get drunk. One case of water.
- Check with Rob and Joyce to see what they're catering!! Above and beyond for what they did!

Tim Groth

SCCoA Member
Agree BIG SHOUT OUT to Rob and Joyce! 90+ heat and you all cooked and prepared food like we've never seen/had before! Breakfast, lunch, mid day snacks...super impressive!

Vining solid job on those jalapeños poppers also!

Thanks to all of you that do a ton of work to make the event relaxing for the rest of us!