2023 Carlisle Hotel

Ken Seegers

SCCoA Member
Carlisle 2023 This year it will be Thursday, June 1st thru Sunday, June 4th.
I have a hotel for this year set up for SCCoA and it is very limited on space. I do not want to post publicly, so others will not use it for their group. Please PM me and I will provide you the details. I am currently working on dinner for both Friday and Saturday.
If anyone has ideas or suggestions, I am open to those.

Any other places because I'm being told it is sold out? If we can't get something then we'll skip this year and plan for next year.
Was gonna say. There was 23 available when i called.

Didn't know we had that many people still interested, LOL.
Looks like we're good. She didn't even get far enough to tell them SCCoA before she was told it was sold out. She just called again and mentioned SCCoA first and then was able to book the hotel.

Thanks guys.
Same issue I had, called and was told they were all booked up. Called back the next day and talked to a manager, I said I was with sccoa and booked it with no issue.
I haven’t booked yet. I want to go but no idea if I will have my car together right that far out. And life is complicated trying to raise a teenager by myself.
Booked mine. Is this a new location, or the revamped it? The last time I remember..is park in ? Whoa it's been a few years.
I thought I had a reservation that I made last year, but called last week to confirm. They couldn't find it, but I was able to get a 2-queen room last Friday.