2300 TVS update

I have to work 12s all weekend. But next week I hope to have the blower install complete and the last two ic tubes welded up, ic tube brackets made and an intake tube fabricated (just got the filter in yesterday) waiting on some misc parts for rerouting the heater hose (oil cooler delete)
I discovered that I couldn't get the driverside blower bracket on with the rear injector plugged in last night. So a little modification of the bracket and a little clearance on the rail now I can rotate the injector plug twords the firewall enough for everything to clear (barely)0617211035_HDR_compress73.jpg0616211800_compress11.jpg0617211701a_HDR_compress25.jpg0617211701_HDR_compress78.jpg

List of stuff remaining has to be getting very short. Looking forward to seeing this car back on the road.

It's still pretty long but it's no longer a bunch of multi-day serious fabrication stuff just odds and ends. I have actually checked everything off but one thing on my original list! and I haven't even made a new one yet.
Did a little work this evening and discovered that when I went past finger tight in my blower pulley it made the blower damn near lock up! Well after chatting with dalke and him sending me a picture and some measurements I realized that the shoulder was flush with the seal and that the shaft needed to be pulled outword. So I tossed together a puller and remedied that problem. I also got most the wiring done on the mark viii fan controller and made my custom lower stainless rad hose. 0706211612_compress47.jpg0706211647_HDR_compress92.jpg0706211647_HDR_compress92.jpg0706211655_HDR_compress4.jpg0706211814_HDR_compress1.jpg