2300 TVS update

Well after re-assembly it still ran like garbage so i took it apart again and discovered a couple lazy lifters so i replaced them hoping it would fix the issue.. it did not.. beginning to wonder if i have too much preload on the valves. 1.25 turns after zero lash per daves instructions but that seems to be excessive! I also did a compression test and am only seeing 120ish psi across the board on a new motor. Things have been stupid busy and I have not had the time or patience to mess with it lately. I hope to get back to it again soon after the holidays when things slow down at work.
Did you bleed the lifters down? If you did make sure you are just hitting the lifter cup before you go the 1.25 turns.
With 120 the car should run, I second the short block is fine. I am still curious about the valve seats and rocker adjustments.
1.25 turns seems excessive to me. Granted, I'm more used to 5.0s. Mine were set at a half turn past zero lash, that's making sure the lifters aren't collapsed as well. I'm down to come out for a weekend groge meet to help out...
have you done a cyclinder leak down test to see where your engine leak might be? Just saying, by blowing air thru eack hole you can see it the leak is coming thru the valves or internal.. Good luck...Rich
With the valves re adjusted to 1/2 turn past zero lash the car runs 10,000 x better. With 1 1/4 turn the lifter was almost bottomed and when the oil pressure came up the valves couldn't close all the way! Verified this with a borescope down the intake runner with the manifold off. Now I just need a tune and some mild debugging and I believe it will be set to to
It's been faster than you for many years Dave lol you could have beat me when it didn't run though I will admit that :)