2300 TVS update

I drove it on my 96 mule round trip commute Thursday drama free! Now I'm repairing the odometer that's been broke for almost 20 years lol and replacing the boost guage with voltage since I have a autometer in the pod . Since the entire drivetrain and pretty much everything else is new I figured I'd start over with 0 miles 0303221614_compress30.jpg0303220218_HDR_compress95.jpg0304221845_HDR_compress71.jpg
I was experiencing a spark cutout at wot which a new coil pack resolved. Now I have excessive belt slippage ordered a couple belts to try. Still makes 22psi 0320221653_HDR_compress27.jpg0320221653_compress95.jpg


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Yeah no kidding it's a k080415 I tried a k080400 and it's too short . Going to try a k120410 and cut 2 ribs off next. 415 is 42" 400 is 40 3/4" 410 is 41.5" so hopefully it will do the trick. My blower sits alot higher than a m90 or even a AR so its a whole new world of belt nonsense lol I think I have ran every pully combo on existence for m90s 5% od up to 33% so I had tons of belts laying around. Of course not one of them what I needed. Tossed a fresh 415 belt on for now until the 410 shows up
That belt is hitting itself I bet. need shorter belt
Negative.. the 400 belt won't go on with no tensioner... I have a 408 belt also on the way one of them will be the magic number and if I need to I will clock so I am running in the middle of travel
Have you knocked the tit off the tensioner and clocked it
Yeah its amazing how a weak coil seems to act as a rev limiter on these cars. IME its pretty consistent too.

I've never experienced it on anything else quite like the supercoupes.
Well I discovered oil in my overflow...and bubbles so I tore down and discovered leaking headgaskets! I upgraded to the .995 od arp washers.. had be heads pressure checked and decked. Also installed aem methanol injection, blasted my brackets epoxy coated and polished my ic tubes 0427221724_HDR_copy_407x229.jpg0427221726_HDR_copy_396x223.jpg0427221728_HDR_copy_255x454.jpg0427222010_HDR_copy_255x454.jpg0511221736_copy_233x415.jpg0511221824a_copy_240x428.jpg0511221824_HDR_copy_243x432.jpg
More pics! ......


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I installed an AEM methanol kit which is way nicer than the snow setup! It has built in fail-safes including a wire that grounds if the system faults in any way. So I used a normaly closed relay to bridge the octane plug pins that opens if the system faults or runs out of methanol and pulls timing!