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eagle sport

Well after vacillating back and forth between what size to go with on stock rims and what manufacturer and style I just went middle of the road and got some goodyear eagle sport v speed rated, stock size. Feel good about it, I think. They were discounted and had a rebate so with tax they were a little over four hundred bucks and after the rebate will be 380 from tire rack. Went with tire rack because they have a dc the next town over and can pick up tires to save the 58 on shipping. Wanted to go 245 55 16 but could not find any current manufacturers. Thought about 235 60 16 but figured since I want to go 19 or 20 rims in the future and im making stock power just stay simple and cheap until I upgrade. not wanting to be penny wise and pound foolish and get something so cheap it needs replacing in two years I went with something that will be safe, affordable and handle above average in dry and not get me killed if im caught out in unpredictable weather. Im used to just going to costco and buying the best michelins when ever they have their discount for my daily driver so this was a bit more challenging but a good exercise for future purchases when things change on the sc and if that takes longer than expected, which im sure it will, I should have a decent set of tires till then. Peace!!


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Grabbed (4) BFG Sport Comp 2s for $344 on ebay yesterday. 225/55/16 with a W speed rating. Not exactly what I wanted, but the price was hella right. There are tons of options for the size your looking for just check out ebay, amazon, costco.com, summit, jegs, bla bla bla. If money wasn't an object I would of grabbed the Michelin Primacys with the Y rating off costco, or the M/T SSs. I liked the Michelins because they were a summer tire, and I have other tires for when it snows in the winter time. Make sure you post some pics of your new tires when you do decide.


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I put new tires on and man what a difference in ride quality. Bfg traction t/a were down to the wear bars so any new tire would feel better I guess but these goodyear tires ride super quite and smooth. No more rattle thru the car on bumps or potholes and the best part is no more shimmy at high speed on highway. Car was always straight and tight but would shimmy around eighty and above. Now its smooth as silk. Im not really happy with the lateral rigidity of these tires. Definetly softer, floating feeling going hard in corners.
First time having the car on stands and tires off. Much better idea of whats going on now that I can see whats doing under there. There is some rust but im not sure its deal breaker rust. Took some pics and might post in another thread to get some advide on how to attack breaks andmsuspension.


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i have some cheapo's i think but they ride very nice and road noise is minimal...
size is 225/60r16
Fuzion Fuzion Touring series
the ride height ino is perfect and for cheap tires they are very quiet on the road and over bumps, firm though i can hear things jerk around over bumps but on normal its a very nice ride..

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I'm running 255 50 16 bf goodrich g force comp 2. 1/2"shorter then stock. Good ride and grip is great. Wet there are better then the gator back's were dry.