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Email Address: 4cd4d@att.net, dijitilenterprises@att.net
User Name: 4cd4d-John Wilson
Vendor/Individual: Individual

Home Address
911 Vine St.
Mishawaka, IN 46545

Shop address is:
1126 E. Jefferson Ave., Ste. A
Mishawaka, IN 46545

Home Phone Number:574-252-2474

Back in July 2008 I bought a 1994 5 Speed in hopes of restoring it. At the same time the 95 5 speed I also bought became available. John was in the business of parting out cars so he offered to pay me what I paid for the 94 5 speed plus $300 to be paid over 1 months time since the 94 5 speed was VERY rusted. He and I went and picked up both cars and I paid him for his time to drive and get them. I was also supposed to get first pick on parts I needed for the 95 5 speed and the purchase price of the 94 SC would be adjusted accordingly to reduce the price of the car that John owed me for. I had done business with John before and also had paid for a 94-95 5 speed tranny I was waiting for from back in like March 2007.

To make a long story short I got stalled off and stalled off on getting the parts I was promised or ANY of the money owed for the 94 5 speed. In October I had to get crappy and threaten legal action before I got a partial payment of money and some parts. I also had to retrieve a blower he had promised to rebuild when we finally hooked up. I had already paid for the rebuild and have yet to get the money back from that too.

Since Octiber there has been multiple promised of getting together to get the rest of the parts owed me. Part of the revised deal was John was supposed to deliver the tranny I had bought previously PLUS a second 94-95 tranny to David Dalke to rebuild as I had already paid David for a rebuild job and purchased fiber backed blockers for both tranny rebuilds. The second tranny came from the 94 5 speed of mine he was parting out. If memory serves there was 4 -5 different promises for the delivery of the trannies. Right now I am still owed the following parts...............

Cam sensor
Interior carpet
Boxed parts (jackshaft bracket and exhaust manifolds with EGR Tube and EGR Valve) (Previously paid for before the 94 5 speed became part of the mix)
1 complete set of OEM exhaust manifold bolts
2 door panel screws
Alternator Tensioner (serpentine belt tensioner)
3.8L SC Crank and rods
Passenger side mirror glass
Center Console base in grey
1 complete set of OEM exhaust manifold bolts
2 door panel screws
4 OEM wheel lugnuts
1 Passenger powered seat track and switches
1 hardline for the master cylinder to slave cylinder for the clutch

2 94-95 5 speed transmissions
I am also still owed $350.00

I still have the title to the 94 5 speed he is currently parting out. It is very possible that folks are being sold parts from a car that John does not own.


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I saw this guy selling parts on another forum just yesterday. I will make sure the right people know about it.
I hope it gets taken care of Duffy. It is hard enough to get stuff for our cars these days let alone wonoen ripping you off on them.


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Just bounced a $400.00 check refund to me from almost a year ago.:mad:

I spoke w/ John this morning and he said he'd make the 400 right. I'll update this accordingly.

Bump for anybody considering doing business with this schmuck. I provided him with $400 so he could buy his wife her Christmas present. I hope she reads this and comes over to my house to thank me!

Just called this ~~~ again to remind him he's a jackoff, and he's finally changed his number. I used to call about once a month to tell him what a ~~~ he was, made me feel better for a little while.

If anybody lives near by him let me know I'll give you a message to deliver.
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UPDATE:No Word/No Reponse/No Money

I've called John 25+ times since bouncing a check I waited for for over a year.

John tells me he needs the money to buy his Wife a Christmas Gift, Christmas 2008!

I pre-paid $400.00 for a complete 5-speed swap and some other bits and pieces.

He tells me the donor cars (Duffy's I guess) got hauled off cause the shop they were at needed the space, said he'd refund my money.

Finally sends me a pre-dated check... telling me he gets his student loan soon and he'll have plenty to cover the debt.

Check bounced and he won't answer his cell phone or respond to the many, many messages I've left.

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Yes....the car was hauled off by ME. It was not because "the shop needed the space" it was because John was giving the shop up. The car was hauled off in January of 2009 if memory serves.

Interesting he was selling a 5 speed swap complete given both 5 speed transmissions were mine. Also the car when I got it had no center console. The third car he had was an automatic.


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Well I'd sure like to catch up with JOhn since I had a bad experience as well.
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