525 RWHP Motor Complete


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Looking to sell my 3.8L motor as a complete package to help fund my black hole 4.5L build.

Motor has all the good stuff.

Forged internals
Solid roller lifters
Double roller timing set
Stegmeyer Heads (Welded Exh Ports)
90lb injectors
2.6L Kenny Bell blower
Custom plenums

Motor was last run at last year's shootout and had about 25 passes on it since it was last freshened up.

This motor will not bolt right into any car, for certain the wiper cowl needs to be removed and the fire wall "adjusted" to make room for the big plenums and modified intake. The motor fit under a 3" cowl hood.

I will include the stock ECU with Quarterhorse and the wiring harness, plus a spare ECU

I have a couple of different size pulley's for the KB that will be included.

My was had a air/water intercooler mounted adjacent to the radiator. The IC tubes can go with the motor but the IC itself is not included.

I ran the car with an MSD box for two step and rev limit, the MSD is not included but is available separately.

I need to get $5,000.00 for the lot and can deliver to The Bash or pick up in CT.


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Brian Ive been following your car and know you've mainly run your car at the track. Does this motor have street manners and reliability and would it work with the m5r2 or to much power for it?


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The motor has always been in a track only car.

There is no way it will bolt right into a street car especially since you would have to delete the wiper cowl and the water pump is remote/electric. It would take a bunch of work go in a street car.

The only other thing that would need to be perfected is the cold idle tuning, currently doesn't like to cold idle but that never really bothered me since I only used it at the track.

I'm sure the M5R2 would bolt up but no idea how it would hold up.


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K thanks. Sounds like a lot of work. I work with a bunch of guys who all have their own project cars and use a guy who's an amazing fabricator and assure me they can help with the firewall part but I don't want to compromise the cowl and hood to make something like this work.
Sucks cause I live in Enfield and could run over and grab it. I should probably focus on getting the engine I've got running before spending money on another.