6G alternator ?


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I got mine for a 2003 3.0l sohv Taurus... from Napa,

Worked good for a yr and half, it died and they replaced it, I swapped back the Taurus pulley before giving it back to them...

I too have to rev my motor once or twice at first start up to stay around 13-14 volts but then it's good.

I would look into getting a new belt as well if it hasn't been changed in a while


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yea i put all new belts on it.not long ago. i did notice i forgot to put that little yellow clip that holds the pins in, cause i was going to originally repin it but didn't have new pins. could be maybe a pin came in contact with other ones.

David Neibert

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Nice find....last year I went to at least 5 places looking for one of these cig lighter volt meters, and couldn't find one. Ordered a couple from your link.

Thanks, David


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I think of it as more of a way to keep an easy eye on things if you believe there may be an issue with your batt/alt.


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well just got back from vacation, and started working on the bird again, as its still bothering me. still doing the same thing, took battery and alternator out and had them tested, battery was bad, alternator was good from what he said. got a new battery and pigtail. still when you first start up it doesn't charge battery voltage drops, only until you do a quick rev, then it will charge and stay charging at 14.10 volts but the battery light comes on once you quick rev, but will stay charging around 14.08 volts at idle, my biggest concern is the battery light coming on. i turned the lights on got 14.05 volts when the fan comes on at operating temp it does a quick 13.25 volts then jumps back up to 14.05 volts. you shut the car off and restart it the battery light is out, and voltage still drops. give it a quick rev again and it charges.


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I need to replace my alternator on my 94 SC. Many of the sources cited in this thread are defunct. :( So are the '01 Taurus 6G alternators still considered the "best" option for replacement with a small bit of tweaking? These are listed on RockAuto at 130A (as opposed to the other brands at 105A or 110A):

MOTORCRAFT GLV8913RM {#GLV8453RM, GLV8681RM, YF1Z10V346FARM} Economy; Reman Info
130 Amp $110.79 + core $75.00 $185.79

MOTORCRAFT GLV8681RM {#GLV8453RM, YF1Z10V346FARM, YF1Z10V346FBRM} Economy; Reman Info
130 Amp $124.89 + core $75.00 $199.89


Or is there now a better option? Thanks for any updated info!


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I went with the 3G and Dave is right it requires several ours of grinding. Here is my step by step...

I recently also did the 3G mod after having a terrible time trying to go 6G. Decent amount of grinding but it's pretty quick with a quality air grinder. Dremmel would take forever. I have a fresh rebuilt and modified 160A 6G high output if anyone wants to give it a try, but the voltage fluctuated all over the place even after multiple regulators.

This is an old thread but almost worth resurrecting because there's a ton of good info.