89.5 (Silver) or 2000 (black one of 307 made w/color combonation) CONTOUR SVT'S


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Not sure if I will sell both, maybe just the silver one, but I have 2 Contour SVT's. I may part with the silver one, it would take some convincing to get rid of the black on black one (2000) that they made 307 of. Both interior is GREAT. The silver one had a short throw shifter and a "ram air" style intake. Black one has stock intake with a K&N cone filter (Pretty much a cold air intake stock on them). Black one is tinted and lowered. 89.5 has 190k 2000 has 225k. Both had had many parts replaced like air and fuel filter, oil changes on regular basis. 98.5 Was owned by a licensed Ford mechanic who was older and took real good care of it. Both are Mechanically sound and cars run STRONG with no leaking anywhere. I am 35 and baby my cars. I do not race them, and keep them as in good of condition as I can manage. Used to own 2 Supercoupes. Would consider trading one for a NICE supercoupe. 2 for something would have to be crazy good. I do have really cool rims on the black one. Here is a picture of them on a lowered silver one:

It wont let me upload the other pictures they are too big!!! May be interested in things other than a SC


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Fun cars for sure! I owned a 98, #0036, ended up 3L swapping it. Lots of fun, but at that time, I didn't have the money to really build it like I wanted, so I never beat on it for fear of breaking the diff.