89 Supercoupe 5 Speed

Eddie G

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So I just had a new clutch put in I had the fly wheel redone by a machine shop, Rear Main seal replaced and all fluids, Car always ran great before said work done, It has 85k on it, Today on the highway going about 70mph the car started to jerk violently, I got off the highway came to a stop went to go and car had a very hard time getting any speed then heard a bang not sure if it came from the front or rear, I nursed car into a parking lot lifted hood and did not see any fluids leaking but a slight oil like burning oil smell but nothing smoking or leaking and oil looked good, Temp was good and idled just fine, After waiting 15 mins with car still running I drove it home (10 miles ) and seemed to shift and accelerate ok but there is an obvious issue and I haven’t a clue what it could be, Any help on what possibilities it may be or what to check for will be much appreciated, I’m having car towed back to the shop where I had work done I just got the car back yesterday so I don’t know if this has any relation to what they did - Thank You in advance !