90 Cougar XR7 for sale


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I've decided to sell my Cougar, I'm sick of the lack there of aftermarket mods and rare replacement parts I've had to purchase. I will miss it as it was my first car and I had alot of fun. It's bright red, has an SCP 3" CAI, dynomax mufflers, 2 more in place of the cats to keep it sounding clean; she has 167,000 kms, 5 spd, Sunroof, 6 way seats, a sony aftermarket 10 disc changer which was in it when I got it last november.

It has been in an accident but received a new rear left quarter panel and front bumper and paint. The power steering needs to be fixed and the brakes squeek loudly when heated up, they are new but have the wrong pads. it has a new clutch and 2nd gear synchro as well.

It runs good, has never had any mechanical problems engine related to date.

Asking price is $5500 obo, car safety runs out mid november, check autotrader.ca and the issue coming out later this week for a picture, I will also post some pictures withen the next couple of days.