90 stopped running today showing three codes


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My 90 had stopped running previously but would restart after it sat briefly, it would shut down under moderate acceleration usually in between the 2-3 shift, like I had turned off the key. No tach reading nothing, if I would try to restart, it would just crank but not fire, after sitting just a few minutes it would start again. This has been progressively more frequent, today it had a bad miss while accelerating and shortly after it died and won't restart. It does have a BHJ balancer that was installed when the engine was rebuilt and the upshift light is out while cranking. I have power to the coil, DIS and Cam sensor and I Installed new cam sensor and DIS today still no start.

The scan is showing three codes.

18 Loss of tach input to ECA spout circuit grounded

67 Clutch switch circuit failed

82 Supercharger By-pass Solenoid circuit failure

I have only done an inspection for connections to be sure everything looks good and ran the codes at this point, tomorrow will be more in depth. I was hoping someone may have had this problem and could offer some insight .
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