91 resurrection radio questions


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So I have had my SC for about a year and a half. It came to me on a trade and is kind of a way to keep a little bit of my other t bird alive, but that is a different story. Basically the last 7 months I have had the motor motor mounts and all the accoutrements replaced as the original motor blew up. My issue is when the car broke the aftermarket stereo that was already in it when I received it worked it currently does not work I have checked the fuses they are fine I am at a loss to figure out why it is no longer working it is the JBL stereo system I tried to look into the stereo portion of the Forum that says from Members Only I thought I signed up to be a member so I'm a little confused on why I can't view anything but anyway any help I could get on this or if you could direct me to someone or some place that can help me with this situation I am in Wisconsin if anyone in this area know of anyone that deal specifically with these issues
Can't help you with the radio but the Members Only section is for people who paid for a membership. 15 dollars a year is a bargain, check it out! :)

Howdy! How's the radio? We had an experience that the fuse looks fine but actually acting up. Replaced a new fuse and it works.