91 sc For Sale


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Back for sale needs to go by October 14th
We are moving to Arizona


Some one buy this or it is getting scrapped by the 14th. The interior is still good. The motor just needs to be tore down the rest of the way cleaned up and put back together. I have a set of underdrive pulleys and a good rear pumper cover with no broken taps refurbished head lights and a 94 gas tank that will go with the car.

For Sale 1991 Thunderbird SC

Black Leather Interior
Red Exterior

Car is in St. Joseph Mo
The rockers are rusted out have new one that will go with. There is some other rust on it as well. Have a 94 gas tank that will go also. Planned on doing upgrade for exhust. I has developed an engine knock within the last 2-3 months. Car has not been driven more than 1000 miles since this started and only to work and back which is only 2-3 mile in town. I can e-mail pics on request.

I would like to get $500 for it but open to offers.


E-mail is trav91sc@yahoo.com
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If it doesn't sell by the first snow I will keep it and fix the engine. IE Replace with a good used engine. So if anyone is interisted let me know. Best offers. And I haven't had any at all.