91 XR-7 brake system


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I thought they would have used a conventional brake booster & master for N/A engine
Pic posted by Rowan of 91 for sale looks like it has a Teves system.
I didn't know that. LX, Sport T-birds & Lincoln's too in those years or just the Cougars? Give's me another source to search for parts.
Any 89-92 MN12 that was ordered with ABS got the Teves system, regardless of engine. You could even get it in a base NA V6 if you ordered ABS. Since ABS was standard on the XR7 through 92, all the 91/92 XR7s also had the Teves system. If you ordered a 5.0 in a Tbird LX or Cougar LS, it would have had a conventional booster, unless you also ordered ABS. Fun little side bit of trivia, the 7.5” diff didn’t have the mounting tabs for the wheel speed sensors for the ABS, so any car with a Teves ABS also has an 8.8” rear, even if it is a base model NA V6.
Good to know. Thanks for the info MadMikey & Tim

I've also got a couple of Turbo Coupes, they are a completly different system