92/93 wanted. very Bad.


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5spd or Auto. looking for clean 91-93 Tbird SC. preferably without cornering lites in F bumper. text 414..467..0817


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all super coupes of that era came with cornering lights in the front bumper I think. 93 might not have them though because it shared the front bumper with the lx that year. I will sell you mine for 40,000.00 but it's a six speed with cornering lights lol


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My 93 doesn't cornering lamp's, they were only included with the optional lighting group-auto dim & auto on/delay package.
It & my 90 both have the 2 wire connector/harness that would have plugged into the light clipped onto the plastic fender liner
on each side. I was told if you installed the relay under the dash they will work, all the wiring is hooked up.