92 SC trouble starting


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Thing has to crank for a solid 3 seconds than turns on . Sometimes it just cranks and doesn’t turn on and I have to turn back key wait a couple seconds and than it turns on . First time it did that and I got it to turn on . I turned it off and back on (2-3 second start) . Turned it back off and did it once more just to ensure it was good and it started on the first 1/2 second like nothing . What could this be ?

Tim Groth

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What you're describing sounds like a bad Cam sensor. Usually you can mimic the same results if you unplug the sensor.

The cam sensor is under the snout of the blower and looks like a hockey puck.



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If you fo unplug the cam sensor to test it be careful with the wires don't let the plug get snagged in the belt and when you plug it back triple check clearance around the wires/plug