93 Mark VIII Interior SWAP Kit


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Unfortunately, my wife's project car has hit the point where we don't want to mess with restoring it now. :(

The car is a 93 SC and has several problems - we've hung onto it because of sentimental reasons, but hadn't been diligent in its restoration in the past couple of years. I will probably start parting out the whole car at some point, but the big thing I wanted to throw out there was the black Mark VIII dash that had been completely rewired to plug-n-play into a 93 SC body harness. For those that don't know, I rewired and helped install David Clark's MK8 dash and helped with Jeff Bratton's as well - all splices were meticulously soldered / heat shrunk and everything that can be tested in the driveway works. I started and moved the car this past weekend (and blew a brake line...).

If someone has a 93 Auto SC, the dash is ready to go - it may be compatible with other years or only require minor tweaks. I also have the doors that have been modified to accept the MK8 door panels.

It's not a mod for the faint of heart, but the bulk of the work is done. I spent over 40hours on the dash alone...probably another 20 on other parts. I don't usually toot my own horn, but I feel like I have done this work right, being that I am an electrical engineer as my profession.

I don't want to mess with shipping this stuff, but if anyone is interested in this "kit" - any or all parts of it, let me know. We would probably consider selling the whole car too, which is restorable, but in rough shape.

Parts included and price are negotiable, of course...what I plan to include is:

93 MK8 Black dash (rewired/mod'ed for 93 SC) - in great shape - includes EVERYTHING - recalibrated speedo/cluster, glove box door, trim, etc.
93 MK8 black door panels - in good shape, may be a couple of broken mounting tabs
93 MK8 black carpet (clean, but a little faded)
93 MK8 black leather front seats (decent shape)
93 MK8 black center console - has been diassembled - I was planning to "splice" it into the SC console, but didn't get that far
93 SC doors with MK8 "guts" to mount the door panels onto
Marked-up copies of the 93SC and 93 MKVIII EVTM wiring diagrams related to the swap

If you have a serious interest, I'll PM you my cell number. Pictures coming soon...

My asking price is $400
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I have already had multiple people contact me, but still available....this might be your only chance to get this in one convenient, almost complete package!! :eek:


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Also...includes copies of my marked-up wiring diagrams for the 93SC and 93 Mark VIII...all my notes, etc.