93 twin turbo thunderbird

Car is still up for sale


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I have decided to put my T Bird up for sale. Car has the best of everything performance wise. 3.8 with forged pistons, scat rods, ported heads by David Dalke, his best. Twin precision turbos. All supporting mods to run E85. Tranny is a Lentec strip AOD with manual valve body, ratcheting shifter, alum drive shaft. Corbeau seats with racing harnesses. Zenneti wheels with nitro 555 tires. To much more to write down. I want 15,000 for the car. Not looking for low ball offers. Car’s custom details well known. Retiring soon and it is time to let it go

send more engine details, interior pics
send more engine details, interior pics
Heads are big valve heads with yella terra valve train Custom intake manifold. Precision turbos upgraded to ball bearings. Custom 3” air to air IC. The transmission has a trans brake. Custom Ron Francis engine harness. 120 lb injectors with custom fuel rails. Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump with two stage filters. All SS fuel lines and Aeromotive fuel regulator. Tranny cooler from diesel pickup with radiator size fan. Custom roll bar. Corbeau seats have 5 point racing harnesses.
It really saddens me to see such an excellent Super Coupe be listed for sale for so long. Is there anything wrong with the car? Is it street legal?

I am in Wisconsin, is the car still in Nebraska?
What are the 1/4 mile times?
Car is street legal. I have not raced the quarter for a few years. Before I converted to the twin turbos I ran 11.6 at 119. I was only making about 440 RWHP at that time. I made a lot of changes since then