94 thunderbird differential

Differential help on 94 thunderbird

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I have a 94 thunderbird lx with a 4.6 , Im looking to get some advice or help to find gears and or a differential pumpkin case that would built on to my 94 thunderbird ? But not sure since I’m looking for one with posse lsd , if anyone could give sum advice I’d appreciate it.
Not familiar with non S/C applications. Did they possibly only use 7.5 ring gear rather then 8.8?
All the V8 cars had an 8.8, some 3.8 cars had them also. Check the classifieds here and over at TCCoA, they do pop up once and a while.

I have a 8.8" pumpkin with a 3.27 open diff that I would sell if you wanted to build one to swap in if vehicle downtime is a concern. I'm near St. Louis, MO.
Okay cool , yeah it’s a 8.8 with a 28 spline , so I was looking at an traction lock posi for 8.8 rear End 28 spline , what would I need to rebuild my differential housing ?