97 t bird


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Just had a 97 t bird show up at my local junk yard.

I have a 91 and need some donor parts. Is there anything on a 97 that would be an upgrade that I should commandeer of this car before its crushed?

Am I correct in assuming that I can use the rear glass off any mn12?



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Trunk lid and taillights all of them

U can use the lights with trunk lid need both side lights on fenders 2 match tails are they are bubble type


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Thanks guys,

rear glass has the same stupid purple tint that mine does but not as bad. They want 75 pulled but I was hoping to avoid taking off bad tint.

Is the master cylinder off this car worth anything if I wanted to go to conventional brakes?

Gas tank work for true duals? What would I need, tank straps, shield?

Trunk had spoiler on it so ill pass on it but will grab the lights and corners in case someone wants.

sam jones

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Good evening

Take a good overall look at your car. Have parts in need of replacing? Replacing old parts with new is the way to go. But sometime the resources are not available (money and or time). This is a small sample of parts I look for in 96-97 thunderbirds at the u-pull-it salvage yards. Carefully inspect before removing.

Rack and pinion complete
Front upper and lower control arms
Left and right windows (including quarters) and or motors
Radio and or speakers
Power antenna
Door hinge
Window visors
Blower fan
Keyless entry
Hood liner
Left and right corner light assembly
Hood lifts
Transmission/cross member mount
Fuel pump harness
Factory tire jack and spare tire cover
Differential bushing
Exhaust hangers
Rear spindle/hub assembly
Rear brake calibers
Factory black wind shield front and rear moulding
Side left and right black moulding

Happy Hunting and Good Luck