a few cars for sale


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I have a few cars for sale . BOTH THE RED CAR AND TITANIUM CAR HAVE BEEN SOLD. Sorry to see them go, but know they are going to good homes.

89 5 Speed Titanium with dark blue leather 68,700 miles.
18 X 9 Axis sport wheels, General Altimax tires, Eibach lowering springs new Tokiko struts and stainless brake hoses, most everything has been recently gone thru on this car including all new A/C and new heater core, and new motor mounts. The plugs and wires have been changed, it has a spinning wheels power pulley and both the throttle body and maf have been changed. Other than these items I have kept it all stock and everything works as it should and the car has always been garaged.
Beautiful car in and out, drives flawlessly. I will include the original wheels and with a new set of General tires mounted in the sale.
$8000.00 I am pretty firm on the price but am willing to talk.

I also have a 95 auto in Ford performance white with the grey leather 54,564 miles with TSW 18X9 wheels and The General tires ,
on lowered Vogtland springs , drilled and slotted brake rotors and hawk pads, stainless brake hoses. This car has also been kept all stock other than the power pulley it also runs and drives flawlessly and everything works as it should. The original wheels and rear deck wing will be included with with this car.

Another is a 90 auto Red with grey leather 68,000 miles. All new less than a 2,000 miles since build , slightly modded Engine and trans mild porting on the heads and supercharger, custom Comp cam, ARP studs, Scorpion roller rockers, ported manifolds, true dual exhaust, a lot of stuff I've forgotten and will update as I remember. 18X9 wheels Eibach springs new tokiko struts, brakes lines much like the others. Beautiful car.
And a 94 5 speed Black/grey leather, newer engine rebuild driver but the title would take some work so basically a parts car.

I can send specific photos of anything on these cars to those interested and all the cars are located just North of Tampa.


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Photos of the other two

Some photos of the others and I can get specific shots if you're interested


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and the last car,


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a real offer will get it....and I don't have any photos, the car is at another location. I just want some of them gone.


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I'm not sure I have it stored I know its over a hundred thousand . I bought and haven't done anything with it , the engine has had work, seems to have a recent rebuild and does have a mild cam in it.


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I.N.T.E.R.E.S.T.E.D. -- White SC

Hey there - - - interested in your white SC buttttt I've always only been a fan of the 90,91,92's -- love the comfort of their seats and those cool original rims ?? What would you say are the benefits of the later year SC's ??? Please Reply,

Best of Success,,

Rick W.

XR7 Dave

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Gorgeous cars. if you are an enthusiast who wants to get back into one of these with minimal pain and suffering, any one of these are well worth the money. It would be hard to sell any one of these! LOL


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Wow, I really love the red one! I will probably be down in Florida next month, maybe you're still gonna have it :)

Saved and bookmarked!

Bobby A

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Would you take payments on that red one with a nice down payment Lol? No i know you probably don't need to sell with that kind of collection but man that red one is sweet!


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Are these vehicles still for sale . Wanted more pics of the pewter colored one and the red one . Where are you located ? 3375239711 . Text anytime. Cash in hand
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Looking to purchase !

Are these vehicles still for sale . Wanted more pics of the pewter colored one and the red one . Where are you located ? 3375239711 . Text anytime. Cash in hand
does anyone know how to get in touch with this guy ? I'm looking at purchasing(both of these ) the Titanium and red one. HELLO , I would like to purchase a couple coupes . PLEASE TEXT ME. 3375239711
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91 Titanium

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I'm interested in the Titanium SC. It's a match for one I bought new and had for 10 years. How can we connect to discuss?