ABC's Life on Mars???


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I wanted to post this in the Lounge, but apparently things have changed and I do not have access to that section. I haven't had a SC in sometime, but I figured maybe there were some Life on Mars fans here that might want to express their dissapointment in ABC's decision to cancel it.

Is anyone else going to miss this show? It has become one of my favorite TV shows EVER and they are canceling it. I fee like it didn't really get a good chance since they started it on one night, then took a LONG break, and then moved it to a different night all in a short period of time.

I encourage anyone that likes this show to go to and let them know how you feel about this...


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I really like the show too - I haven't been able to watch it much, but it was alot better than it sounds from the previews. Sucks that they're cancelling it. :(


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Life on Mars

WHAT! This is first word I've heard of this... seems like they always take the good shows off the air.

I have to agree, this is one of my favorite shows and I sure hope they change their mind and keep it on.


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Well I hope you people that like the show are using the link and letting them know...

I don't know if it would do any good against the masses of "not so smart" viewers the networks have started to cater to lately though...