About the ign. Lock cylinder


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Car is a 93. Is there supposed to be a button under the steering column to release the key, like in the mustangs? The bezel around the steering column has a hole where this button normally is but when I removed the bezel I do not see any place on the column where this button would attach.

I looked around for used replacement steering column and some units had this button and some did not.

One point to take note of, I noticed the previous owner when installing the new lock cylinder, lost the spring loaded pin that holds the lock cylinder in place. Since the cylinder cannot "lock" into place with that pin, would this prevent the key from being able to be removed?
Your sort of referring to 2 different "buttons" one is for manual cars as mentioned the other is called an active retainer which is part of the ign itself that can only be pressed with the key in the run position its only purpose is to remove the ign